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Heart Lake

This is my first album "Heart Lake" which is 13 tracks of original solo piano music.

Available on CD or Cassette

Member of BMI

Online at many locations Amazon, CDNow, Etc...

In VineyardHaven on Martha's Vineyard at IslandCD and The Paper Tiger.

In Framingham, MA at Barnes and Noble Shopper's World, River's Edge Greenhouse, and now at the Framingham Library.

In Marlborough, MA at Moody Piano

In Anacortes, WA at the Public Library

It can be Special Ordered through any Barnes and Noble.

On the air; Mitakuye (track 1) was selected to go on a compilation CD which went out to about 500 radio stations across the U.S. into Canada and England. I've recently sent copies of Heart Lake to stations in Alabama, and Florida, and it is currently getting heavy airplay in the Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee areas, and now in Taiwan. Many stations broadcast online as well. I will have it on the air in as many areas as I can. Go to MEDIAmazing.com to hear Mitakuye, Following Sea, and Heart Lake in their New Age program. I'm currently trying to bring some of the tracks on the CD to AOL radio and some Cable TV music stations, and will update this site to show when it's on.
If you call your local New Age radio station and request it, it might help me to circulate the album. They may have even received the Oasis Acoustic Compilation CD.
Thanks for your support!

I will try to load in samples of some of the songs from my CD. If you would like to hear samples now, please go to Amazon.com, CDNow or many of the online music stores.

1. Mitakuye
2. Coming Home
3. Heart Lake
4. To Good Times
5. Following Sea
6. Autumnwood
7. New Snow
8. River's Edge
9. Tempest
10. The Minstrel
11. Here With Me
12. Friday Harbor
13. Cirrus